The following pictures are posted for your reference. Please feel free to share them with anyone who might be interested by providing the direct link to this website.

Justin could not facilitate your practice in person and provide necessary assistance through these pictures. If you decide to utilize these pictures, you are solely responsible for your own practice. Please make sure that you listen to your body. These pictures do not replace the face-to-face contact in the classes or one-on-one sessions. No instructions are provided in the pictures. I hope that these pictures will encourage a consistent conditioning.

Please respect the ownership of these pictures. You may contact Justin Chien if you need to use them for other than personal reference. Enjoy!

1. Wrist Exercise – Palms Down

IMG_4682 IMG_4681 IMG_4680







2. Wrist Exercise – Palms Up








3. Wrist Exercise – Fists








4. Finger Exercise – Lifted Palms 

IMG_4693 IMG_4694







5. Finger Exercise – Finger Tips 

IMG_4695 IMG_4696








6. Bodyline Exercise – Body Up with Feet Slightly Off of the Ground








7. Bodyline Exercise – Body Up with Feet Lifted and Knees 90 Degree

IMG_4698 IMG_4699







8. Bodyline Exercise – Body Up with Feet Lifted and Knees 90 Degree, Combined with Various Arms Positions

IMG_4704 IMG_4705 IMG_4706








9. Bodyline Exercise – Body Straight with Lifted Upper Body








10. Bodyline Exercise – Plank 








11. Bodyline Exercise – Arch Up with Arms Backward

IMG_4712 IMG_4715 IMG_4717







12. Bodyline Exercise – Arch Up with Arms Forward 








13. Bodyline Exercise – Hips Up









Bonus: Our friends in Australia doing the same exercise. Thanks Kit Laughlin for sharing his techniques! 

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