Due to schedule constraint, Justin is only facilitating one class “Yoga for All – a Yoga practice guided by Stretch Therapy”. He incorporates flexibility and stretching techniques in this class for more than a decade now. Please reference the Home/Main page for schedule information. With limited availability, one-on-one sessions may be arranged with Justin in Boston (South End), MA. Please contact him directly to arrange for a time and discuss the focus of the sessions. 

Yoga for Beginners – I
Through the practice of various poses at a gentle pace, students can focus on the proper alignment of each pose and experience the holistic benefits from practicing Yoga.

Yoga for Beginners – II
Similar to the Yoga for Beginners – I, poses are practiced at a gentle pace. Variations of the poses are also introduced. Movements triggered from self-prompting are encouraged to explore the true inner-self.

Yoga for All – I
Poses are held with conscious awareness. Students are encouraged to focus on their inner-selves as they move through poses to experience the deep effect of the Yoga practice.

Yoga for All – II
Similar to the Yoga for All – I, variations of the poses are introduced and practiced with conscious awareness. Movements through the poses are connected at a deeper level of the inner-self to bring out the wisdom within.

Yoga for Youth
This class is designed especially for youth to experience the benefits of the yoga practice. Guidance is provided in a straightforward manner to provide a smooth transition between poses. It is fun and beneficial for youth!

Yoga for Seniors
This class is designed especially for seniors to practice Yoga at a comfortable pace and in a supportive environment. Variations of the poses are introduced to fit the need of the individual. It is a gentle and yet effective practice to explore the true-inner self.

Flexibility & Stretching
This class is based on Kit Laughlin’s techniques and best-selling books: “Stretching & Flexibility” and “Overcome Neck & Back Pain”. Effective stretching is facilitated to improve your strength and flexibility jointly.

One-On-One Session
Customized based on individual needs. One-one-one session provides in-depth instructions and focuses on all spectrums of the practice. Effective and assisting stretching can also be part of the session, to address specific needs of active individuals. Flexibility, Strength, and Mobility are the main focuses during the session. Please contact Justin directly to set up an appointment.