“I have been a yoga student of Justin for slightly more than two years now. Having done a lot of work with weights over the years, I knew that I had lost a lot of muscle stretch and flexibility in my joints. I am also a professional organist, an instrument that is by nature, an ergonomic nightmare to practice! Since practicing yoga, I have noticed a marked return to body freedom and flexibility, and also a calming and peacefulness of mind! Justin’s very gentle, kind, and encouraging nature bring real joy and excitement to the challenge and discipline of yoga practice, and the added bonus is that after yoga class, it is my best night’s sleep of the week! Thanks, Justin!”   – Craig

“I would highly recommend anyone to participate in Justin’s yoga class. He caters to all abilities and disabilities, as well as a wide range of ages. He is always available with helpful suggestions catering to each individual’s level of comfort and strength. Do yourself a favor and try a class!” – Marylou

“I love Yoga because it is hard and it makes me feel healthier. When I come home from Yoga I feel like I have done something positive for my body.  I like doing poses that make me stretch.  I try to bring the stretching to every day life. When I weed or wash the floor on my hands and knees I try and reach and stretch and it makes me feel like I am doing something beneficial.  I love Justin.  He is very supportive; and, no matter if there are 6 or 26 people in the class, he manages to give everyone the individual help they need.” – Ann

“After a lot of encouragement from my wife and daughter I decided to give Justin’s yoga class a try. I was skeptical because I really did not understand yoga. After the first class I was immediately hooked and have been a regular for about 2 years now. One of my objectives was to reduce my lower back pain and that objective has been met due to increased strength and flexibility. One of the nice surprises about yoga is that it is a total body workout, and more physically demanding than one might suspect. And unlike many yoga videos, Justin takes you through each pose slowly, so you hold your body weight in different postures which helps you build strength quickly. The physical workout and meditation sessions combine for a great overall workout. I highly recommend Justin’s class to anyone looking for a good physical workout combined with mental relaxation.” -Dennis

“I’ve taken yoga with Justin for 2+ years. I feel my strength and flexibility have improved over this time. I continue to get alot from our weekly classes as Justin brings new elements into the sessions, always in a constructive and encouraging manner. I recommend that Justin’s approach makes yoga very accessible to those who want to give it a try.” -Sharon

“Justin’s class gives me just the right mix of strengthening, stretching, balancing and relaxing. He personalizes each posture so you can attain a comfortable level of achievement yet push yourself to the next level. And he brings a cheerful and calm attitude that makes the class a great way to start the week.” – Janice

“Justin’s Yoga classes at Ridgefield are some of the best I’ve attended. Justin combines strength and flexibility in his class postures which lends challenge if we need it, yet at the same time benefiting us with gentle stretching where we need it the most. At the end of our practice, he leads us into the relaxation/meditative session which is a perfect ending to class and helps to calm our minds and center our spirit, readying us for our hectic week ahead.” -Debbie

“I was very pleased with my first class; my back was out of alignment & I was worried I’d have to make another chiropractic appointment.  However, to my great surprise, my back went back into alignment with one of the stretches. Needless to say, I was absolutely delighted & look forward to ongoing help with a neck & back that has seen several car accidents & a horse related injury too. Thank you soooo much. -Elaine

“Our Yoga class with Justin is the highlight of my week. He is the living embodiment of peace and calm. His instruction is positive and encouraging.” -Kathleen

“Justin’s Yoga class is perfect for me, I like the slow progress through the postures, not a jerk and lift style with some other instructors. Justin challenges me, and compliments my abilities. I recommend Justin to my friends. He has a great teaching style.” -Nancy