Working on the good side!

I recently had a chance to visit my friend Mark Rise again in Colorado (you can find his website from the Links section). I always enjoyed having his help looking at a couple of discomforts around my body. After we addressed some inactive muscles and reactivated them, the discomforts around my hips were significantly reduced. In addition, we also looked into how to deactivate these muscles and learned about how these muscles stop working. It’s a learning and discovery process!

One technique he shared with me is focusing on the side of the body that is functioning properly, to address the side of the body that is not functioning well. Sounds funny? It seems to have the positive effect of helping the side of the body that is having issues. For example, when I stretch and strengthen my right hamstring, it seems to help the flexibility and strength of my left hamstring. We discussed why, but there is no clear answer to it. The best I can explain is that the body seems to be able to mirror the side that is functioning well, to adjust the side that needs attention or correction. As a result, the side of the body that is not working well, would understand how to behave properly. Well, this is a guess without any scientific background. Regardless, it is a tool to apply when you try to address the bad side directly, but it is not giving you the positive result. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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